Our Process is Key…

Our carefully honed process has been crafted over many years. It informs and guides all
of our design and animation projects.


1. Discuss

You know more about your business than we ever will. That’s why listening to your goal is vital to our process.

Asking questions about your business is important too. It’s how we understand the complete scope of your brief, as well as the finer details.

Along the way we’ll collaborate with you by sharing our ideas and professional recommendations.

2. Discover

Understanding who your designs should be tailored to, and the context they will operate within, is the next phase of our process.

We achieve this by engaging in quality research, no matter how small or large your project is.


3. Design

Once we have a clear brief, an established target audience and researched data, we can start the design-phase.

When it comes to design, our challenge is to think both literally and laterally. That means generating relevant, targeted and functional ideas for your project (and sometimes, expect the unexpected!)

We always present our initial designs in person. Why? So you can hear the rationales behind our thinking and ask any questions you may have.

Your feedback helps shape how the design develops.

4. Develop

Now we have agreed on a creative direction, we can start developing your design or animation.

Progressive adjustments to typefaces, colours, proportions and any other important design elements will be made along the way, to ensure your project is refined, on-brand and ready for print or digital media.


5. Deliver

Finishing projects by agreed deadlines is our policy. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver on time.


A design succeeds when composition, components and concept are each present and working in unison around a properly identified audience and purpose.” Jim Krause (2004)